Saturday, February 4, 2012

The youth made flags for each of their tribes, and enjoyed a couple of challenges.  The first taught them about the drinking water condition in Haiti, and in the second challenge they learned about exploitation of children and orphans in third world countries.  They also watched a moving video on world hunger and spent time in discussion and journaling and praying together.


its been about 23 hours since i ate last. my stomach is just barely starting to get hungry. i can't imagine what the people in haiti go through. ~Kallie Tueller~

Nash: im hungry because the last time i ate is 23 hours ago....... bummer

All I want to say is that doing this has been hard, so I couldn't even imagine going 30 hours without eating and then only having like a handfull of rice and then having to do this again.....
~Tayler Lacey and Quinn Pfeifer with Markie to my right

I am hungry- Brendan Lacey

throughout this whole famine emotional towards what I've seen about the children in haiti, in the united states we have so much, but in other poor countries children don't have anything, I want to be more involved with helping this cause more everyday. eating without any food is very difficult but God is in  their hands to protect them.
Markie Taylor

I am tired but not hungry I think I am getting used to this and i can't wait to do this next year and i hope we can fast longer! =D
Shaylee T.

^^ LIES! Because I am hungry :( 23 hours and it's been a challenge most definitely. I can't imagine going 2-3 days without eating, then eating a spoonful of cattle feed... and then you just restart for maybe a longer period of time. I'm just speechless..
~Brooklyyn Ingalla

freaking starving, 23 hours... anyway, we played the hatian version of tag. If you get tagged, you get a card that says that you got kidnapped or trafficked, or something like that. realized that these things are very real.
-Ryan Griggs

hunger has started in it seems more tiring than since we stayed up till one in the morning - tyler was here

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