Saturday, February 4, 2012

Here are some comments from the kids after a cold night on the floor.  They actually got a taste of what it feels like to go to bed hungry.  We'll have more pictures and updates of what is happening in a couple of hours.   Thanks again for your prayers and support.

To Kyle: Duh. We're all hungry. That's kinda the point. Love: Shelbihan
20 hours in, and I'm not very hungry. I started to get kinda hungry last night but it eventually wore off. Now I'm heavily craving some orange chicken from Panda Express. Love: Shelbihan

 hey guys so far its been 22 hours. I started to get hungry around the 8-9 hours but we just prayed and it went away. sleeping in the worship center is not as fun as you think by the way. //mikki (:

I've been fasting now for about 20 hours. It's hard to believe how many children go without food. I'm really glad to be a part of this because it has showed me what others feel everyday. I was feeling hungry and weak but I prayed and I started feeling better. I know that God can help me through this. Kate Dilley

It's great to see all the positive attitudes of all the youth here, even though hungry and uncomfortable we all continue to smile and have fun. It's amazing to live in the shoes of others even if it is just thirty hours, I know that we can all get through this as long as we keep our focus on the people in Haiti and God. -Joshua Jensen

It's been 20 hours and i don't even feel hungry yet. i just woke up and don't really care about anything. Love NaTanya Anderson

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  1. I am so proud of you guys. What you are doing is so inspiring. Keep up the good work!