Friday, February 3, 2012

 We spent the last hours joining up into tribes, and doing our first challenge as teams.  We also watched a video followed by discussion and prayer time.  The youth are really learning a lot, and have been great participants despite their hunger.  They seem to be getting why we are doing what we are doing.  The youth have been encouraged to hear from the participants at home.


Here are a few more comments from some of the youth.:

I just saw this video about Haiti, about the earthquake. I have been studying 1 John lately, and a verse popped into my head, verse 3:16, that lead me to 3:17... "If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him?" -Ryan Griggs

Tebow-ing, not when you want to but when it is needed, someone  falls down the stairs and almost dies? that is a time to tebow, wanting a bag of chips? not time to tebow. Seeing people in Haiti dying? TTT Time To Tebow

~ Tayler Lacey and Quinn Pfeifer with commentary of Nash Ingalla and Brooke standing to my left

~ryan smith says:  woo chicks

"Hunger is my REMINDER."-Brooklyyn Ingalla. When you see the screaming, the crying, and the injuries in innocent children it makes you wonder, "Why not me?". We sit and watch and we feel bad, but what are we doing to stop this? Nothing. This is why i'm so passionate about this 30 hour famine, it's a time to remember. We are also reaching out to Haiti with are donations, this is why i'm proud to be fasting for 30 hours.

This is a quote from nate: I was planking in the background, it was fun. i could keep a serious face. haha. We won the cup stacking contest, no matter what all the other people say. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS MY FRIENDS. DA DA DA, ILL KEEP ON FIGHTING TILL THE END, DA DA DA, I AM THE CHAMPION. i guess i am done now, everyone is being mean to me. this has been a quote from nate. :)

This has been such a life-changing time! I have had such an amazing time. Watching the feel so impacted. There was this part where there was a woman just screaming...I almost broke down. Well, I am so blessed to have this opportunity to help others. Remember: When there is nothing left to do, pray. -McKenzie Harris :)

I haven't eaten for about 10 hours so far and i'm getting hungry already. i keep thinking about the people in the world who have to be hungry for even longer periods of time because their isn't anything they can do about it. When we watched the video on Haiti it was really sad. their was a hospital with only 30 beds, and their were 350 people there. some were even on the floor. I feel really bad for them. and it makes me realize how much we have that lots of people don't.... ~Kallie Tueller~

Sid R. having fun.

Jared Hendren,  This  has been one of the best two days I have ever had. I have learned that we live a rich life even if we have nothing. Over in Haiti there is about ten times more people in a hospital then supposed to be with only thirty beds in them. We complain about a head ache, and head to the doctors office, Haiti people might go to the hospital for a broken bone but not always. So I have been supporting Haiti by fasting just for them and with God. By: Jared Hendren

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  1. Sounds like everyone is discovering more than maybe they were expecting this evening.
    It is not easy to deny yourself the things your flesh desires, especially when you live in the part of the world that has such over abundance. But with God, all is possible.