Saturday, February 4, 2012

.....................................THE FAMINE ENDS AT 6 PM WITH A POTLUCK AT THE CHURCH.

The youth spent the afternoon on a "scavenger hunt" collecting donations of many items including toys, blankets, toilet paper, clothing, coats, towels, diapers, detergent, sheets, and much more to be donated to the Children's Justice Center, Road Home, South Valley Sanctuary and Lion's Club.  After one and half hours, all 3 tribes came back with a lot of loot.  They were awarded points based upon their collections.

 Area 56er's joined us for the afternoon for challenges and collections.

 The fatigue of the event is starting to take its toll on the kids.

Here they are blogging.  They have really enjoyed being able to put down their feeling in words.

Here are comments from the youth:

I am drinking juice here with my friend Brianna....I kind of don't want this to end because i loved to spend time with all of my friends and get to know people....I have learned a lot about kids in Haiti and how they need help...I realized how spoiled we are here in the United States and I feel so selfish now.
-Shaylee =D

I got here this morning and so far I'm having so much. I enjoy spending time with my friends and learning about other people who are in need. I love all the games I've done so far. It's amazing that we act like we have nothing but to compared to so many people we have everything. I appreciate more of what I have now.

Woo! We just got back from the scavenger hunt and, the best team, (Me, NaTanya, Dave, Tayler, Quinn, Logan, Nash, Kallie, and Brianna) finished with 1, 280 points! We all got a ton of stuff to donate to the four charities. But we still won. So we are the best. Woo. ~Shelbihan

So far I'm starting to get really hungry, but I'm glad that I've experienced the 30 hour famine it's made me realize how much I have in my life, how children don't have any food at all, and there families are trying to survive there horrible situation. I'm so grateful that I participated and my tribe has really worked hard to get where we are. I'm so thankful that I'm involved.
-Markie Taylor

This has been such an amazing experience! I am so blessed to have this opportunity. I hope that this will help bring awareness to the suffering in Haiti and all other countries in the world. Watching that video on the children in I've always known there was hunger in the world, but seeing pictures of starving children made it real. I can't just pretend that this stuff isn't happening..because it is. ~Kenzie Harris

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