Friday, February 3, 2012

The Amped youth arrived at SMC tonight already hungry as they have been fasting since 12:30 this afternoon.  We spent some time singing praises to God as our Teen Worship Group led, and then Todd led us in a devotional.  We also went over the ground rules, and watched a video and had discussion time together.  We have approximately 25 youth who have given up food and their weekend to come be in God's presence and to learn about the realities of hunger.

Here are a few comments from some of the youth.

Logan says hi

tyler says the hunger is starting

 without food there is no way to survive
Markie T.

doing what we're doing is helping us with sympathy for the people who have nothing. but in turn we prepare our selves before and not worry about serious effects after, because we will indulge in a feast. in order to feel the pain that true hunger brings, we should visit places with real problems and help them-starr

i am hungry right now but i realize that i am doing this for a really good reason and i am learning how hard it must be to live in the world starving and not being able to have food.

We will be doing an update again in a couple of hours.  Please feel free to comment and send your encouragement to the youth.


  1. The hunger is real. I am taking care of my kids here, feeding them, giving them a snack before bed and noticing every food commercial on TV. My stomach is hungry and I have a headache. I can only imagine a little bit of what true hunger in the world must be like. I am proud of our youth that are participating in SMC's 30-hour famine. Looking forward to the feast tomorrow evening.

    1. I haven't been watching regular T.V. tonight and I will definitely avoid the food network. I plan on reading out of the bible if I get to wiggy. Good job Kyle, I will be praying for you.
      Pam Main

  2. Almost 10 hours into the fast for Haiti and I'm not doing to bad. I had to have a couple crackers in order to take some medication and it was hard to stop from munching more. I had to re-frame my thinking that these children we are sponsoring cannot just conveniently go to a cupboard and grab a quick snack. I put the box out of sight. After I read the post about children only eating a couple of tablespoons of rice and then going with out food for days at a time, my heart broke. I have never felt REAL hunger. I felt ashamed and also blessed that I have food available to me 24/7.
    I think this is wonderful thing our church is doing and I hope to see more and more fundraisers in the future. I will be praying for the children in Haiti, our AMPED youth, all who are participating in the fast and our church. God Bless and have a good night. Pam Main

  3. Only 10 more hours to go and I am ready for breakfast. Tea will have to do for now. It will be a challenge making my pot luck and not sampling it while cooking. Hope everyone is staying hydrated. Keep up the good work we are well over the half way mark.

  4. Hi,everyone.I just wanted to say great job & I'm proud of all of you.Just hang in there a little longer.