Saturday, February 4, 2012

We played a game that was similar to Mad Gab where the kids learned how hard it is to speak when you don't know what someone is saying.  Then we learned about the importance of education and the lack of it for most kids in the world.

Next, the tribes had a challenge where they were given a small micro loan and had to protect their investment for the least amount of money.  We had Haitian Goude to purchase our items with, and each tribe had to protect their water balloon from being destroyed.  In the end, only one tribe was able to succeed.

 The tribes each show their finished project:

Winners!!!  Their leader looks tired  though.

Here are some more comments from the kids.  Thanks again for reading and for the support.

26 hours down and still not hungry, juice is very VERY filling -starr

I agree with u starr <3 - Shaylee!

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